BenQ is a name that is synonymous with consumer electronics devices that offer plenty of bang for your hard earned buck – especially in the flat screen TV and LCD monitor markets. Right now, we have word that BenQ will be rolling out highly affordable direct-lit LED TVs this coming May, where the pricing details are said to be 10% cheaper compared to new LED TVs in the market. BenQ hopes that in the future, direct-lit LED TVs will be able to experience superior price advantages compared to other technologies, and if one takes history into account, edge-lit LED TVs comprise 70% of the market while direct-lit models stands at 20-30% – so that ratio might just change down the road, depending on what BenQ comes up with. Just what kind of TV do you have in your living room, or are you looking to purchase a new one? Do you think that BenQ’s prediction will come true, or are they just drumming up some hype to get the industry going?

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