So Capcom’s Street Fighter X Tekken has gone on sale in Japan today, but unfortunately it seems that the game did not launch without its issues as there have been reports of sound and network issues when attempting to play online. Well fret not as Capcom has officially acknowledged those issues on its blog, and has stated that the matter is being looked into and that updates can be expected, although no word on when that might be.


For those who have yet to get the game, it seems that when attempting to play the game online in multiplayer mode, there are issues such as “spontaneous match rollback”, “voice effects cutting out”, and “sound effects cutting out”. According to Capcom, these issues are present due to a different netcode used for SFxT compared to Street Fighter IV, which was due to the game being more data intensive.

It is because of this that developers had to find a way to balance sound versus smooth online gameplay. In any case, the issue is currently being investigated, but for those who aren’t too fussed over sound issues and care more about the actual gameplay, then perhaps this might not be such a big issue.

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