Getting to bed at the same time each night on a consistent basis is one of the keys to having enough sleep, and with the Chromatherapy cushion, it is hoped to aid those who find it difficult to obtain rest the moment their head hits the pillow. Of course, some folks have old school remedies such as taking a nice, warm shower before you sleep, not thinking about stuff, or even drinking a nice, warm glass of milk. Color therapy might be another avenue to receive som shuteye, where looking at the Chromatherapy cushion alone might make you feel sleepy.

This particular cushion intends to mimic the aurora borealis, which is actually a stunning light display in the Arctic and Antarctic that has seen plenty of people over the years from different pockets of the world trek thousands of miles just to grab a glance. With such a cushion in your room, you need not worry about exorbitant travel expenses, and it will definitely dispense that calming feeling for approximately $40 a pop.

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