Dell has in the past attempted to break into the smartphone market by introducing their Windows Phone based Venue and Venue Pro series, but now according to a report, it looks like Dell could be killing off their smartphone business in the US completely. This was revealed by an unnamed Dell spokesperson who stated that it was about time for Dell to get out of the smartphone business, and that mobility products have a shorter life cycle than laptops and desktops.


The spokesperson also went on to reveal that Dell would be introducing more mobile products later this year for the US market, but unfortunately did not reveal if such devices would include smartphones. However what we do know is that Dell is hoping to make a comeback with Windows 8, so perhaps the mobile products the spokesperson was referring to might be in the form of Windows 8 tablets. In any case we will be keeping our eyes peeled for Dell’s offerings in the future, but in the mean time, Dell’s remaining smartphone models will continue to be sold in India, China, Japan and South Korea.

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