Firefox is a pretty popular browser, and we’re sure that many Android users were thrilled when it arrived on their devices. Unfortunately not all Android users got to enjoy the browser, especially those running on ARMv6 devices, like the Samsung Galaxy Mini for example. Well the good news is that Mozilla has heard the cries of ARMv6 users and have since released the Alpha version of Firefox for all ARMv6 devices.

While we haven’t actually installed it for ourselves, it seems that the installation process is pretty straightforward, where users can download and install it like any other APK, fire it up and you’re good to go! Unfortunately due to the Alpha nature of the browser there are a couple of bugs and missing features that have yet to be implemented, such as limited plug-in compatibility, but if you think you’ll survive without the various plug-ins and the occasional bug now and then, head on over here for more information and for the download.

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