We do know that going social is the norm these days, and everyone as well as their dog have at least one social network account, with Facebook making the bulk of users worldwide. Here is a paradigm shift when it comes to social networks – how about a GIF-only version? That is what Gifpumper is all about, being the brainchild of Slava Balasanov. Gifpumper will merge elements of a social media site, a blogging platform as well as the virtual world, transforming it into a single tool that paves the way for online collaborative creation. If you are a user on Gifpumper, you can create 3D pages that are made up of 2D media elements such as text, images, video, and music through the clever rotation and positioning in the XYZ coordinate plane. What do you think of Gifpumper after giving it a go? It certainly does offer something different, and is a welcome distraction, but to see it end up as mainstream as Facebook is going to take quite the viral effort.

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