‘Sin-Free Facebook’ Launched In Brazil

Facebook might very well be the most happening social network around, and parents would need to make sure that their children know who they are interacting with since you can never quite tell just what kind of offensive material that they might come across. It could be violence, smut, foul language, the list goes on, which is why policing the Internet and anything associated with it might be deem to […]

Panoply Is A Unique Social Network That Intends To Lift One’s Spirit

Social networks happen to be a revolutionary idea in the 21st century, and it has the noble goal of connecting people. Facebook has grown to be immensely popular, although there are studies that show how Facebook usage has begun to wane among the young people. Well, social networks, too, have been the platform where certain cases of cyber-bullying has happened, and this has led to some undesirable consequences as well. […]

Twitter Blocks Newspaper’s Tweets In Turkey

Social media company Twitter has complied with Turkey’s ‘national security’ blackout demand, and in the process, it also saw the blocking of a newspaper’s tweets. It was either this, or get banned completely in the country – and I guess the step that Twitter took more or less showed off their stand on the matter.

MySpace Still Gets Visitors

Just how often do you think that folks still log in to MySpace – regularly? Does it sound surprising that there are still people who log in to MySpace? In fact, the number of people who actually log in to MySpace has been touted to be approximately 50 million, at least according to Viant CEO Tim Vanderhook, who happens to own Specific Media, which in turn picked up MySpace for […]


Global Web Index: Tumblr Is Fastest Growing Social Network

Size does matter, and Facebook with its 1.35 billion monthly users happens to be the largest social network in the world – and looks set to remain so for some time to come, but there is the very real “danger” of the figure having arrived at a saturation point. In Global Web Index’s most recent report, it has stated that Tumblr is the fastest growing social network at the moment, […]

Ello Could Be A Facebook Alternative

Are you a huge fan of social networks, but over the years, you have realized that one giant stood out amongst the sea of competitors, and that would be Facebook? So much for Friendster or MySpace, or if you were to turn the clock back even more, how about e-Circles? Having said that, here is a possible competitor to Facebook known as Ello.

MTV Music Video Chart Will Be Socially Powered

Social networks do play a very important role in our lives these days, and they are not only tools used to keep in touch between family and friends, but companies, too, are interested to know just what makes a particular person tick so that they are better able to zero in on future potential customers. Having said that, MTV is set to pioneer a new music video chart known as […]

Orkut Bites The Dust This September 30

It seems that Google is doing some spring cleaning at the moment, clearing out their “cupboard” of apps that they deem are surplus to the requirements. We did bring you word on how Google will no longer make Quickoffice available on the App Store and Google Play, and here we are with word that Google will be asking Orkut to call it a day, despite the fact that this social […]

Wen Zhang’s Infidelity Apology Sets New Weibo Record

It does seem to be a day of records when it comes to messages – but it was Chinese actor Wen Zhang’s apology to his actress wife after rumors of his infidelity went around that has managed to set a record for comments as well as retweets on Sina Weibo, which has been touted by many to be China’s version of Twitter.

Sony Info Eye Social Camera

[CEATEC 2013] The world has gotten a whole lot more social these days, what with social networks such as Facebook and services like Twitter which allow the dissemination of information in a viral and speedy manner without having to wait for obstacles such as press time or the TV program time. Sony knows this, and they want to leverage on the momentum of social media with the introduction of their […]

Replay Social Denim jeans updates your social network

What are some of the tools that you have used to ensure that your friends will know just where you are, and what you are doing or the restaurant that you just visited for some good food? A smartphone and a tablet would be the primary modes of updating one’s social networks while on-the-go, apart from using such apps when seated in front of your notebook or computer, of course. […]

Rootsy – A Private Social Network To Create Family Trees

A number of new social networks have cropped up in the recent past as the social media takes the stage on the web. With the wild success of Facebook, many had deemed the online social networks to be the future of the web. For now, Facebook clearly is the dominant giant in the social network space. However, a number of new social networks are trying to find a small, relevant […]

Apple to kill Ping?

Remember Apple’s Ping service? Well, Apple CEO Tim Cook has finally stepped forward to acknowledge that Apple’s social network is not exactly the best idea in the world. According to Cook, “We tried Ping and I think the customer voted and said this isn’t something I want to put a lot of energy into.” When put forward with the question as to whether Apple will kill this particular service, all […]

Bing New Architecture: Introducing Snapshot and Social Sidebar

This morning, we were at a press conference at Microsoft’s offices in San Francisco to see a demo of the revamped Bing search engine.  Touted as a “new approach to search” by Microsoft, the new architecture features a three columns design, dividing the search activity in 3 distinct areas: Core Web Results, Snapshot and Sidebar (see picture in the complete article – or watch the demo). On the left, Core […]