panoplySocial networks happen to be a revolutionary idea in the 21st century, and it has the noble goal of connecting people. Facebook has grown to be immensely popular, although there are studies that show how Facebook usage has begun to wane among the young people. Well, social networks, too, have been the platform where certain cases of cyber-bullying has happened, and this has led to some undesirable consequences as well. Robert Morris intends to look at social networks in a new way, working on Panoply in order to help those who are suffering from depression.

Panoply happens to be a crowdsourced website that intends to improve mental health, where users of this unique social network have been trained to reframe and reassess negative thoughts, thank to an established technique known as cognitive behavioral therapy. This particular idea is all set to be worked on so that it will blossom into an app that is ready for mass consumption.

Apart from the goal of connecting people, Panoply will do so in a more specific and structured manner, since it intends to enrich lives via precise, clinically-proven means. Do you think that there is some wiggle room for abuse to happen online via Panoply? Hopefully not though, since that would be self defeating.

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