Google is not a company that rests on its laurels, which is why it has decided to improve the local search experience across mobile devices, never mind if you are running on the Android or iOS platform. The next time you head over to on your mobile device to look up information concerning a place that you are headed off to, information concerning that place will be placed under the new “Recent” icon. This means you are just a tap away from accessing essential information such as calling, retrieving directions or seeing details. There is a caveat though – this new convenience feature will be made available only to users who have Web History enabled, and remain logged into Google when performing their search.

To get started, look for a place on your computer or mobile device, followed by logging in to’s mobile homepage and checking out the Recent icon. All relevant information concerning previously searched places will be stashed away under the Recent icon. The length of time this information will be stored? Approximately one day, which should be more than adequate for most folks.

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