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Google May Have To Delete Search Results When Requested
Update: The decision has been made in favor of Google. This means that Google will have to only delete the search results when requested in Europe alone, the global search results will not be affected. You may read the story below to understand the context.Unquestionably, Google is the best search engine out there. In addition to its usefulness, it also happens to be one of the biggest portals to list […]

Google Search Now Delivers Tweets
Google has now introduced the inclusion of Tweets to its search results on the mobile platform, and this is made available through the official Android and iOS Google apps. Of course, the good news train does not stop here, since similar Tweets inclusion will also be part of the search results on desktop and mobile browsers, too. These search results happen to be triggered by “Twitter” keyboard searches when it […]

Google Sees Search Market Share Drop, While Yahoo Gains A Boost
Nothing lasts forever, not even diamonds, so do not buy into that particular argument the next time you happen to chance upon a jewelry store salesperson while perusing through the mall. So too, the same applies to business empires – digital or otherwise. Mozilla made an announcement not too long ago that they would use Yahoo! as their default search provider rather than Google, and the question was inevitably raised […]

Sherpa Next Makes Mobile Search Efficient, Easy, and Visual
 We published about when it launched its US version last year, and at that time, we saw a side by side demo with Siri in which Sherpa got better results. (Watch video in the previous article).Today the company launched its new software, Sherpa Next, which adds search and predictive capabilities to the smart personal assistant feature that its one million users already know.With Sherpa Next, CEO Xabier Uribe-Etxberria wants […]


Million Short Search Engine Removes Popular Websites From Results
When you perform a search, say on Google, chances are what you are looking for is usually in the first page or two, and anything beyond that is simply not worth perusing. However what if sometimes what you are looking for are on pages that aren’t popular, simply because its owner does not know about SEO? Well that’s where experimental search engine, Million Short, comes in. The website, instead of […]

Twitter Search Updated With Photo Results
If one were to remain where they are without any progression, it is unavoidable that your competitors would eventually catch up with you if they were to be behind in the first place, before overtaking you. Twitter knows this basic principle as well, which is why they have introduced updates to their service from time to time, and this has definitely helped them remain in business, so to speak, for […]

Bing Introduces Licensing Filter For Image Search
Bing introduces a licensing filter in their image search function.

Facebook Releases Hashtag Support For Mobile, Related Searches
Facebook has rolled out support for hashtags on its mobile site and will now offer related searches.

US Gmail Accounts Get Drive And Calendar Search
Google, the maestros of search, has certainly done their bit to further enhance the Google search experience on your email, where it will soon be made possible for everyone living in the US to be able to perform an instant search on relevant emails, Google Drive files, and Calendar events among others each time you decide to perform a search in Gmail. Of course, this particular feature did not come […]

Google Chrome Updated To Include Conversational Search
Google rolled out an update for its Chrome web browser to include conversational search.

Google's Conversational Search Blows Apple's Siri Away
A large chunk of Google’s Keynote was about search, and Google used this rather provocative title above to get our attention. Google as already said in the past that it will go towards “answers”  and away from “search”, so this should not come as a shocker. The end-game is that you should be able to ask anything to Google, and it should provide an answer, whether it is from a […]

Google Adds Animated Filter In Image Search For GIFs
GIFs are very popular on the internet. They have been around for over two decades and don’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. They’re short and often hilarious animations used by an insane amount of people. Many actually have their own GIF collection that they’re very proud of. Google announced today that it has now added the Animated filter in image search. This will allow users to filter […]

Graphics Processors Push Computer Vision Ahead
At GTC 2013, NVIDIA has demonstrated their version of Image Search, which was powered by their massively parallel processors. The goal of computer vision is to be able to recognize and understand what things are – not merely “seeing” them. This is a very intricate problem since computers are fast but fairly dumb (out of the box). They have no notion of “concepts”, unlike humans who can be shown one […]

Google Merges Maps And Search Division
Google is not a company that is averse to making the tough decisions, and most recently, we were “treated” to news that Google Reader will be persona non grata when July 1st rolls around on your calendar. The thing is, we have yet another bit of news concerning Google (other than having Andy Rubin step down from his position as head of the Android division) as well, in addition to […]