Google Music, or rather, should we call it the Google Play Music, is not all peaches and cream, as one user found out after he streamed more than what his daily allotment allowed. Once he hit the limit, he came across an error that popped up on the display, saying “Streaming Limit Exceeded”. Using Google’s search engine (logical enough, no?), the error message failed to show up in any of the official help pages. Of course, officially speaking, Google says that there is a limit as to the amount of bandwidth one is able to “eat up” in a single day via your Google Play Music account. Still, we do not have any idea as to what the daily streaming limit is, and since the problem does not seem to be all that common, we do think it is rather high to begin with. Are you one who has experienced this error message as well, or did this article pique your interest enough to see whether you are going to make an attempt at finding out just what the legal limit is?

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