If you are a caffeine addict, then surely you would have tried all the different coffee chain stores to date, and have nailed down a favorite for yoursef. Unfortunately, the kind of machines that they use in your favorite coffee shop costs thousands of dollars, making it more of a luxurious purchase if you want one of these puppies in your home. How about lowering the bar a little with the Handpresso Auto E.S.E? This is an espresso machine that was specially developed for use in your car. After all, many of us do get stuck in a traffic gridlock during peak hours, so why not chill out and have a cuppa? You can also have that smug look on your face as you toast the drivers to your left and right.

Basically, the Handpresso Auto E.S.E is a portable espresso machine that is powered by the 12V cigarette lighter outlet. All you need is some water to go along with the E.S.E coffee pod of your choice, press a button, and wait patiently. A trio of beeps will let you know that your cuppa is ready for some sips. It certainly looks far more advanced than the 2008 model which we looked at more than four years ago.

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