I was walking by a Harrods store earlier this afternoon, and when I took a look at their menu for afternoon tea, a set for two amounted to a whopping £60. Man, you can get many sets of afternoon teas elsewhere at a far more affordable price, but I guess with branding, the amount of money you fork out “buys” you status, especially if you love being watched by people. Well, I guess this more or less establishes the fact that shopping at Harrods is not going to be easy on your pocket, and this is confirmed with word that a 152″ Panasonic TV is now on sale in Harrods for £600,000 a pop.

The TV itself tips the scales at a whopping 600kg – that is more than half a ton just in case you were wondering, and it boasts 4K2K technology, which contains four times as many pixels compared to a standard Full High Definition TV set. This would mean it is capable of creating a separate 3D image in HD resolution for each eye, now how about that? To get a better idea on just how large this TV is, it is similar in size to nine 50” displays stacked in three rows.

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