Remember the Homeless Hotspots program that we talked about a few days ago? Well, it seems that the idea is probably not the best one in the world after raising plenty of hue and cry since its announcement, and the New York advertising agency behind this idea has decided to scrap it and distance themselves from such a controversial plan. According to Emma Cookson, chairman of BBH New York, “We have no definite, specific future plans yet, in New York City or elsewhere. This was an initial trial program. We are now listening carefully to the high level of feedback.” I guess they have listened enough, and decided it would be far better to scrap the entire idea.

Some folks have lambasted the idea of Homeless Hotspots as a ‘shameful, hideous, patronising, dehumanising idea’ – at least according to British brand strategist Luke Scheybeler. What is your take on the idea – do you think it holds any water, and will it actually help the homeless in the long run of things?

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