Some of us would love to be able to hit the gym or go for a run after work, but unfortunately long and late hours in the office might not give us that luxury, so sometimes some of us are forced to run at the wee hours in the morning or late at night in order to squeeze some physical activity into our daily lives. Unfortunately running at such odd hours isn’t exactly safe so if you’re the type that runs at odd hours, perhaps the ILA Sports Pedometer and Personal Safety Alarm might be worth checking out.


As the name implies, the device will not only be capable of keeping track of the number of steps you take, but will also provide you with a self defense mechanism. No, we’re not talking about a built-in stun gun or pepper spray, but rather an alarm that will emit a shrill high frequency 130Db siren at a push of a button. We’re guessing that the loud siren will scare off possible muggers who might be trying to avoid drawing attention to themselves, or to alert those around you that you are in trouble.

On top of the alarm, the device will also feature a calorie counter, measure the distance traveled, a clock and a backlight. If this sounds like a perfect device you’d like to bring with you on those late night runs, head on down to and pick one up for £16.99.

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