[Cebit 2012] Michael Michalsky, a designer known for leading Adidas’ design effort and now working under his own brand (Michalsky Holding GmbH), has taken on the challenge of making Ultrabook bags that are uber-fashionable and hopefully commercially successful as well. This time around, Intel has tapped into his talent to come up with four bag designs, for business or leisure, and two are for men, while the two others are for women.

It is clear that the success of ultrabooks is mainly due to their extraordinary designs which are often slim and light. In many ways, they embody the best of mobile computing: small, light, fast and with better battery life. That’s why it was only natural that Intel turned to Michael Michalsky and his proven work around “lifestyle”. “Ultrabooks are cool lifestyle products. That’s why I’ve designed bags that look like stylish handbags for everyday use rather than computer bags. Ultrabooks fit snugly inside and are well protected”, says designer Michael Michalsky.

The result is interesting, but to be honest, this is not really something that we would use/wear ourselves. Additionally, the “high-quality leather” makes the current collection of bags very expensive – at 700 Euros, they are worth just about as much as many Ultrabooks… that said, Michael Michalsky has confirmed to us that he would come with versions made with more affordable materials, at a lower price – but how low remains to be defined. In the meantime, brands like Golla have this market relatively well under control, although not with leather products.

It may just be us, but sometime a thin and hard clear case and a (nice) small regular bag get the job done perfectly well. However, there’s definitely room for more fashion and lifestyle in our modern computing lives – what do you think?

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