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Fraunhofer SIT: Key2Share, Smartphones as a Keyring
[CeBIT 2013] Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology (SIT) was demoing an interesting mobile technology at CeBIT and Alexandra Dmitrienko, Research Assistant on the project, showed me a demo (check out the video). Key2Share is a token-based and NFC-based access control system for smartphones. A NFC-enabled smartphone user can be granted access rights or to delegate such rights to other smartphone users.The access rights are transferred using QR codes sent […]

FX-Sport: VR1 Programmable Personal Trainer Wireless Sports Headphones
[CeBIT 2013] Yesterday at CeBIT, I met with Duncan C. Walsh, Founder and Director of Mi-Sport Global, the company behind the FX-Sport brand. A former professional squash player, Duncan got the idea of developing custom headphones for athletes 6 years ago.Like no other headphones, the VR1 is sweat/humidity/rain proof and is also a Mp3 player with 8 GB of internal memory for storing music and up to 64 audio messages […]

Fraunhofer IIS: Surround Sound with Video Streaming on Android
[CeBIT 2013] I saw a great number of technology demos at CeBIT, and the Fraunhofer booth is always a good place to find interesting demos that provide a good insight of what is really going on inside our most beloved gadgets.At CeBIT this year, Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuit (IIS) was showcasing multichannel audio streamed  through an Android smartphone and displayed on a large screen TV connected to the phone […]

Alleged Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases Spotted At CeBIT 2013
We’re sure many of you guys are curious as to what the Samsung Galaxy S4 looks like, but so far it seems that Samsung has done a good job curbing leaks and whatnot, so we guess we will have to wait until the 14th of March for the rundown. However in the meantime, the folks at MobileGeeks have discovered at CeBIT 2013 a series of smartphone cases which apparently have […]


Fujitsu LIFEBOOK E-Series Launched at CeBIT 2013
[CeBIT 2013] Fujitsu launched its new LIFEBOOK E-Series at CeBIT and I had the opportunity to get my hands on the devices. The new lineup comes in three flavors: the E733 features a 13-inch 1366×768 display, the E743 gets a 14-inch 1600×900 display and you can get the 15.6-inch either with a 1366×768 or a Full HD (920×1080) screen.The new E-series has been built using the same motherboard for the […]

Intel Ultrabook Prototype with Haswell Spoted at CeBIT
[CeBIT 2013] Yesterday, I met with Karen Regis, Director, Ultrabook Marketing at Intel and she showed me a reference design prototype for an Ultrabook featuring the Intel fourth generation of Intel Core i-series processors (codenamed Haswell).The 17 millimeter thick device was shown at CES for the first time, and Intel has built only four units like this one. The processor manufacturer has made it easier to detach the touch display […]

WADI Affordable Water Filtering Technology Powered By Solar Energy
[CeBIT 2013] For people who live in industrial and developed countries, access to clean water is never really an issue and we tend to forget that a huge number of people on this planet do not enjoy that type of access. Consequently, according to, over 3.4 million humans die each year from a water related disease.Today at CeBIT, I met with Martin Wesian, founder and CEO, Helioz, the company […]

Yunasko: Ultracapacitors with High Power Efficiency
[CeBIT 2013] I met with Yunasko‘s co-founders Natalia Stryzhakova (Ph.D.) and Andrii Buvailo at CeBIT in Hannover. Yunasko develops ultracapacitors, which are energy storage devices with extremely high power capacities and fast charge / discharge profiles. For example, high power is required when you start an electrical vehicle (not when you drive it) or when the power in your computer suddenly shuts down and you need an immediate burst of […]

Surface Pro Clone Caught At CeBIT
[CeBIT 2013] The Microsoft Surface Pro has been available for nearly a month in the U.S. and has steadily been making itself available again through Microsoft’s brick & mortar and online stores. Microsoft announced today the Surface Pro is heading to Germany during this year’s CeBIT, but it looks like clones of the company’s popular tablet has made its way to the show.The Surface Pro clone looks an awful lot like […]

MSI AG2712 All-In-One Gaming PC at CeBIT 2013 - Hands-On
[CeBIT 2013] We published yesterday when MSI announced its first All-In-One AG2712 here at CeBIT and today I had the opportunity to see the 27-inch computer “in person”. The design is quite nice with a transparent stand and a wide speaker grill that runs across the device, just below the bezel.  Featuring THX audio, the speaker delivered a quite powerful sound when I watched the NVidia demo (check the video […]

ELF: Hybrid Solar / Pedal Vehicle by Organic Transit
[CeBIT 2013] Today at CeBIT, I met with Alix Bowman and Rob Cotter from Organic Transit, the green transportation company behind ELF, an innovative solar / pedal hybrid vehicle. This egg-shaped tricycle can be powered by an electric engine when needed or using pedals just like a bicycle.The durable shell comes fully equipped with lights, signals and mirrors just like a car, and the battery pack can be recharged using […]

MSI Unveils AG2712 All-In-One Gaming Rig
When it comes to gaming, most gamers tend to sport monstrous-looking rigs. There are a few reasons behind their choice, usually boiling down to multiple hard drives, large graphic cards and an extensive cooling system that a mini-ITX gaming rig will find hard to achieve. That being said, that’s pretty much the reason why all-in-one desktop systems aren’t exactly favored by gamers either, but it seems that MSI is hoping […]

CeBIT Global Conferences – the international Keynote Conference of CeBIT
3 stages – 4 days – 5 topics – and 3,000 participantsDon´t miss the world-class speakers on hot topics like – Cloud, Digital Lifestyle, Mobile, Smart and Social from 5 – 8 March 2013in Hannover, Germany.CeBIT Global Conferences is happy to welcome amongst others K. Turner, COO Microsoft; G. Kovacs, CEO Mozilla; H. Akhava, CEO Siemens Enterprise Communications; J. Gebbia, Co-Founder & CPO Airbnb; O. Tscheltzoff, Co-Founder & CEO Fotolia, D. […]

B-Catch Project - Visual Path calculation by “Piggy” and DFKI
[CeBIT 2012] I did not expect to find this uber-fun demo at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) at CeBIT, but it looks like scientists can have humor sometimes.The technology behind this Angry Birds-like robotic character is quite complex and requires some serious research and development: it combines real-time image processing with probabilities modeling of knowledge about the characteristics of ball trajectories.Dr. Tim Laue and his team from […]

Sketching robot makes art a snap
[CeBIT 2012] German scientists who hail from the Fraunhofer Institute did show off their ‘sketching robot’ that is currently being paraded at CeBIT, the world’s largest computer fair that is happening Cebit, in Hanover, Germany. Just how does the robot work? For starters, it will snap a photo of its subject, using the pre-loaded software to analyze one’s face, translating the results of the analysis into a sketch. Needless to […]

PaceBlade PM240 Windows 8 Tablet with Core i7
[CeBIT 2012] During our tour of CeBIT, we have spotted the PaceBlade PM 240 (thanks to a tip from Wayne Rash), and this is a rather unconventional 12” tablet as it features Windows 8 and an Intel core i7 (vPro). While most tablets focus on mobility, the PaceBlade PM240 puts an emphasis on processing power and device connectivity. It is equipped with Intel’s Core i7, and comes with a full […]

CeBIT 2012 features pole dancing robots
[CeBIT 2012] If you thought that the world’s largest and most international computer expo is no place for pole dancers, wait until you check out CeBIT this year. According to reports online, there were a couple of pole-dancing robots at the show. Manufactured from old car parts, the pole-dancing robots were introduced this year to take the place of real dancers that were present at last year’s event. And to […]

Acer announces K520 laser-based light projector
[CeBIT 2012] At CeBIT 2012, Acer announced a new projector the K520 which uses laser instead of a regular projector lamp to display images. The K520 Hybrid LED Laser projector is said to deliver a dynamic contrast ratio of up to 100,000:1, 2000 lumens of brightness, 3D image output support, and features VGA, composite video/audio, and HDMI ports. It has a maximum output resolution of 1024 x 768 but supports […]

Fujitsu M532 tablet hands-on [+video]
[CeBIT 2012] The Fujitsu M532 tablet briefly appeared in a video in January, but we bumped into it at CeBIT, so this was a great time for a hands-on demo. As you may know, the Fujitsu Stylistic M532 tablet is equipped with a Tegra 3 processor (quad-core) with 32GB of storage and Android 4.0 (ICS), but now we also know that it has an 8 Megapixel camera (back), a 2 […]

Intel touch display Ultrabook reference design: hands-on
[Cebit 2012] Intel is showing a touch-enabled Ultrabook reference design at Cebit, and the overall goal of this exercise is to show what this looks and feels like, and to provide developers with something that they can work on until Windows 8 launches later this year. This is of great importance for both Microsoft and Intel as Windows 8 and its native touch user interface could be an inflexion point […]