Apple has certainly simplified things further with the new iPad, barring any suffixes, but Samsung, on the other hand, is taking the opposite route as the South Korean conglomerate has just filed for three trademark applications in the US that will be part of the Samsung Galaxy Roadmap. Samsung submitted applications for the Galaxy Emerge (serial number: 85558647), the Galaxy Stellar (serial number: 85558639) and the Galaxy Halo (serial number: 85558619) Stateside a few days ago – March 2, to be exact. Samsung will definitely hope to use these names for future smartphone devices, since they have all been categorized as “Mobile phones; Smartphones” within the trademark filings.

I am quite sure with the new smartphones from Samsung, you can keep your fingers crossed that Angry Birds Space will come preloaded to keep up with the overall naming theme. Surely the Galaxy moniker fits the family of devices perfectly, since our galaxy alone has millions and millions of stars, and perhaps Samsung wants to make each of their future mobile devices to be a star in their own right as well.

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