Heads up PlayStation Home gamers, it looks like Sony has recently announced a trio of new titles headed your way in the form of Cutthroats: Battle for Black Powder Cove, No Man’s Land and Mercia. All three titles will be released at different points in time throughout the year with Cutthroats now available for US users, No Man’s Land in spring and with Mercia expected to see a debut in the summer.

Cutthroats will be a free-to-play title and will see “six teams of up to four players each take to the high seas, blasting each other’s boats to smithereens in an ongoing sequence of seafaring skirmishes to increase XP and unlock exclusive content”.

No Man’s Land on the other hand will be a freemium title developed by VEEMEE and supposedly is the most ambitious game for PlayStation Home to date, featuring a third-person post-apocalyptic multiplayer experience for up to eight players.

Last but not least is Mercia, the PlayStation Home’s first online RPG and will see players explore a fantastical world where “adventures lie around every corner.” For more information on the games and to check out the trailers, head on down to the PlayStation’s website.

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