PlayStation Home Bites The Dust

Sony launched the PlayStation Home virtual world in 2008 for the PlayStation 3. The idea was to provide gamers with a virtual hangout where they could socialize with fellow players and play some social games. It later redesigned the service and even made major changes to it but outside of a niche community PlayStation Home didn’t really make a mark. That’s why Sony announced last year that it will shut […]

Sony Shutting Down PlayStation Home

The PlayStation Home virtual world was launched back in 2008 for the PlayStation 3 with the idea that gamers will be able to socialize with fellow players as they play various social games. Following a redesign and countless updates since then PlayStation Home has transformed considerably yet it was never able to make its mark outside of the niche community of users. Forget about getting PlayStation Home on the PS4, […]

PS3 system software update 4.25 to offer 1GB Online Game Save Storage

Heads up, boys and girls! There is one very good reason to look forward to the upcoming PS3 system software update 4.25, where it is said that PlayStation Plus members will be able to enjoy the upgraded 1GB Online Game Save Storage that will certainly see some amount of mileage before it gets filled to the brim. The thing is, how do you end up as a PlayStation Plus subscriber? […]

PlayStation Home 1.7 global platform update has its fair share of goodies

From tomorrow onwards, we know that most of the world would be abuzz with news on an upcoming iPhone 5 if rumors were proved to be true. However, hopefully Cupertino’s thunder would not overshadow the fact that the world will still need to continue, new iPhone or otherwise, and Wednesday, September 12th, would mark the day when PlayStation Home is on the receiving end of another global platform update which […]


Sony announces new titles for PlayStation Home

Heads up PlayStation Home gamers, it looks like Sony has recently announced a trio of new titles headed your way in the form of Cutthroats: Battle for Black Powder Cove, No Man’s Land and Mercia. All three titles will be released at different points in time throughout the year with Cutthroats now available for US users, No Man’s Land in spring and with Mercia expected to see a debut in […]

Street Fighter x Tekken arrives on PlayStation Home

Street Fighter x Tekken looks set to be huge, as the two beat ’em ups that defined a generation will come together. Just like how Marvel vs Capcom and Street Fighter vs Marvel series came about, we do hope to one day see Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter, set in a Tekken-style environment. Now, that would definitely be something worth looking into. But I digress, PlayStation Home now hosts Street […]

PlayStation Home 1.60 update released

Sony has just announced the PlayStation Home 1.60 update, and as with any self-respecting software update, this version should come with a bunch of modifications and changes to make life with your PS3 a whole lot more enjoyable. Heck, the blog post claims that there is a “wealth of improvements and updates to the core client”, so let us take a look and see just what kind of information treasure […]

PlayStation Home redesign available on November 3

Sony has just announced that the renovation – nay, redesign of PlayStation Home will be made available to the masses from tomorrow onwards, where it will be an exclusive on the PlayStation Network for PS3 owners living in North America – that means Canada and the US just in case you are geographically less astute. Just what can you expect from the redesign? For starters, there will be a new […]

PlayStation Home reboot on its way

For those of you who own a PS3 but have not been dropping by Home for the longest time already, here is an interesting bit of news – a reboot of PlayStation Home is well on its way, ready to make its mark this autumn. The team behind PlayStation Home have been working hard behind the scenes, hoping to deliver everything a PS3 owner loves, especially games.

Sony PlayStation Home virtual world to be redesigned?

Sony is mulling over whether to redesign their PlayStation Home virtual world, transforming it into a hub for social games in the process. For those who are not in the know, here is a little bit of clock rewinding – PlayStation Home first rolled out in 2008 as a virtual world for the PlayStation 3, sporting over 23 million registered users. As virtual worlds (Second Life, anyone?) is considered to […]