the new iPad teardownReady to see what the insides of the new iPad look like? Fret not, you won’t have to smash it on the ground and take it apart yourself. Just like they’ve done with pretty much every big gadget that’s been released so far, the folks over at iFixit have given the new iPad their signature teardown treatment. While the guide just went up about an hour ago (it’s still in progress), they’ve already uncovered some juicy details about the latest iOS tablet.

If you’re wondering how the new iPad can last 9 hours with LTE on, it’s because it packs a 11,560mAh battery with 43Whr rating –  larger than the 35Whr battery used in the latest 11″ MacBook Air, which goes to show how much juice its Retina Display and LTE radio consumes. It also looks like the LCD on the new iPad is from Samsung – at least based on the model numbers. Makes you wonder why Samsung doesn’t use the displays for its own products.

The complete teardown should be done in a few hours, so you can head over to iFixit to read about the whole process. Should be a good read when/if you’re standing in line outside Apple Stores tonight to make sure you get an iPad for yourself.

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