It seems that Apple’s new iPad just can’t catch a break. When it was first launched, it was met with users complaining about heat issues, then it was issues regarding its battery, then it was users complaining that the new iPad’s WiFi signals are weaker than its predecessors. While those are legit questions and issues brought up by users, it certainly feels like Apple has a lot to answer for, and adding to that list is a growing number of complaints by users who claim that the new iPad has difficulty hooking onto 3G networks.

According to users, the new iPad will lose its 3G connection once in a while and will not reconnect. This is remedied by users having to reset their iPads, a workaround that some iPad users are claiming that they have to go through 3-5 times a day. The majority of users reporting this issue come from countries outside of the US, although there appears to be a handful of US customers who have chimed in with complaints of their own. International iPad owners with the 3G version of the tablet, are you guys experiencing any of the problems described above?

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