Most mobile devices that we carry around these days come with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity which is more than handy to help you remain connected to the Internet whenever there is no available data connection over the mobile network. Well, not all public places come with free Wi-Fi, but Mexican Internet portal Terra has come up with a rather interesting method to provide free Wi-Fi connections at public parks. The whole exercise involves dog owners to pick up the poop of their beloved pooches and depositing it into a special box as seen above. This box will have sensors that calculates the amount of weight of dog poop, and the heavier it is, the more minutes of free Wi-Fi will the park receive. Not only does this translate to a poop-free park, it also means being able to update your Facebook status without turning on your data connection.


This is definitely an interesting idea to think about, but what is stopping park goers from throwing bottles of water to masquerade as dog poop, assuming only weight sensors are involved? Apart from that, the amount of free Wi-Fi everyone could potentially benefit from depends on how many dogs poop that particular day assuming only dog poop is thrown into the bin. This is where large breeds come in handy, as toy breeds would probably not be able to poop enough to give you adequate airtime for a round of Avengers on Facebook.

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