An iOS developer called Two Lives Left made good use of an application called ‘Codea’ to create a free game for the iPad called ‘Cargo-Bot’. According to the developer, the game is puzzle based and users have to teach a robot how to move crates. In what is described as 36 fiendishly clever puzzles serenaded by haunting music, users will be able to admire the stunning retina display optimized graphics offered by Cargo-Bot. The developers claim that the game was prototyped, programmed and polished on an iPad which makes it the first of its kind.

The creator of the game is a Codea user by the name of Rui Viana who was approached by the folks over at Two Lives Left who wanted to turn the prototype he had made into a published App Store game. On top of that, the team also enlisted the help of a composer named Fred Bogg who created a music library for Codea to assist with the soundtrack for the game. Alongside the release of Cargo-Bot, Two Lives Left is also releasing the Codea Runtime Library source code under the Apache License Version 2.0 so that registered Apple iOS developers will be able to export their Codea projects into the Runtime Library and therefore be able to release them as applications for sale or free in the App Store. Additional information about the game can be found here and if you are looking to download the first ever game that was developed and rolled out from an iPad, click here for the iTunes link.

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