Yes, the Zerg Rush Easter Egg by Google on Friday certainly saw productivity levels drop in offices throughout the world, thanks to a flurry of mad mouse clicks that would probably have shortened the life of office mice by a couple of months. The StarCraft-based Search destroying game proved to be quite the hit, and the folks over at Google must surely be patting themselves on the back while opening a few bottles of champagne to celebrate, not to mention having rolled out Cube, a play-to-learn Maps-based tool.

There will not be any furious clicking involved this time around, as there are no Zerg to kill, but rather, Cube will require you to learn the different albeit powerful features that come with Google Maps, regardless of whether you are driving, cycling around or simply prefer to take a stroll. Learning through playing, this is one of the most effective methods of teaching, and Google has decided to employ just that technique.

Cube features a six-sided rotating 3D-like cube, where each side will reveal a pop-up like layout of a famous city destination that most well traveled or informed people should know. There is a blue colored free-rolling ball that shows just where you are at the moment, while small pins, signs or flags will point towards where you need to go, as you you guide the ball around buildings and down city streets and highways.

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