app check flashback

Over the past two weeks, several reports have been made regarding Macs getting infected with an alleged virus called the Flashback Trojan. The virus which is said to be affecting 600,000 Macs exploits a pair of vulnerabilities in older versions of Java and although the Cupertino-based giant has patched it, the virus is still running around on several older machines.

If users want to check if they are infected, F-secure have an easy to use method that uses a few terminal commands to check your machine for you. But then again if you didn’t keep your version of Java updated all the way, the safe money is on the fact that ‘terminal commands’ sounds foreign to you.

Luckily, our friends over at 9to5mac have pointed us in the direction of a free Flashback checker than is accessible here via Github. Although it runs the same things as the terminal commands, it does them automatically. Do run the test and if your Mac is one of the 1% of Macs around the world that is infected, F-secure has come up with a guide to help you on your way to removing it.

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