It has long been rumored that free-to-play games might be arriving on the Xbox 360 and it looks like those rumors may very well pan out. According to reports, at least two developers are currently in talks with Microsoft about that possibility, one of them being Hi-Rez Studios whose COO, Todd Harris, revealed:


“There hasn’t been a hi-res free-to-play game on the console yet, and we still don’t have any definite announcements or dates, but we’re actively working on it […] We are in talks with both console providers, specifically Sony and Microsoft, about how best to support free-to-play on consoles.”

For those wondering what the free-to-play model is about, it’s basically where games are free to download and play but its developers make money through in-app purchases and/or advertising. The free-to-play model has also been referred to as the “freemium” model and games such as Farmville and Draw Something are examples of some of them. No word on when free-to-play games will arrive on the Xbox 360 but what do you guys think? Would you rather just pay full price and enjoy the game, or do you think the free-to-play model is better?

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