Google Nexus TabletWhile there has been no official word surrounding the Google tablet just yet regarding its price, specs, and release date, sources have told The Verge that instead of the previously rumored May release, we could be seeing it pushed back to July instead. The reason behind the delay? Well if the sources are to be believed, the reason for the delay is because Google wants to make some design changes in the hopes that it could see its rumored $249 price tag drop even further.

At a price of $249, Google’s rumored 7” ASUS-build tablet would certainly be priced more than Amazon’s 7” offering, the Kindle Fire, that is priced at an extremely competitive $199. We’re not sure how much cheaper Google plans to make the tablet, but we could be looking at a $149-$199 range. At the moment what we do know about the tablet is that it will feature a 7” display, sport WiFi-only connectivity, a quad-core processor on board thanks to NVIDIA’s Tegra-3 processor and will come with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich preinstalled.

Considering that the device’s release date has not been officially announced, it’s hard to to bummed out about a rumored delay. In any case we will be keeping our eyes peeled, so check back with us again for more updates. Until then we suggest you take this information with a grain of salt for now.

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