Yes, Halo 4 was just announced for a November 6 release at the end of this year, and Best Buy has already put up its pre-order page for this highly anticipated FPS title. You are able to place your Halo 4 pre-order at over 1,000 Best Buy stores around the country, as well as online. The price has been set at $59.99 a pop – which should not be too much to ask, considering the number of hours of fun that you are going to get out of this title which will definitely be worth every single penny compared to blowing that kind of money on a meal at a fancy restaurant. Are you going to place a pre-order for Halo 4 at Best Buy, or would you rather take the chances and see if there are any more copies left on store shelves when November 6 rolls around? The choice is yours, and perhaps you might want to wait for sneak previews as to whether Halo 4 is going to be worth your money or not, considering how it is developed by someone else other than Bungie.

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