One of the features of the HTC One S that the company boasted about was its micro arc oxidation process that not only gave the device a ceramic feel, but supposedly enhanced its durability and made it five times stronger than aircraft grade aluminum. While that certainly sounds like a great feature, there have been reports from users (over at MoDaCo and the XDA forums) that the coating, particularly on the top part of the phone, have started to chip after minimal usage.

While it is expected that wear and tear will begin to show after maybe a couple of months or a year, or perhaps rough use, chipping like this has suggested that the coating could be flawed. Users who reported this issue have claimed that they have not dropped their device nor have they mistreated it in anyway. Paul O’Brien at MoDaCo has since reached out for a statement from HTC about the matter and has yet to hear back from them. In the mean time we’d like to hear from our readers if the problem has affected your HTC One S units as well.

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