The HTC One X is revered today as one of the most powerful smarphones to roam the planet. Quite true. But apparently there are two variants of the quad-core machine – one running Tegra 3 and the other a Snapdragron S4 SoC. The former Tegra 3-powered One X can be found in the hands of European users while the latter was launched in the North American region.

Now you are about to see the two blood brothers fighting in a showdown on an AnTuTu benchmark test. On the left side is the Tegra 3 model while the S4-powered One X is the one on the right. If you’ll check out the actual video below of the benchmark test, you will immediately see the advantage of running Tegra 3.

While this test is just one of many benchmark tests circulating around the Android community, there is no doubt that both One Xs are powerful and fast. But with the Galaxy S 3 just around the corner, we’re wondering how the HTC One X will manage to keep its current standing at the top. Nice video though.

Image courtesy of TechnoBufallo

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