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ZTE A2017 Spotted In GFXBench Benchmark
Whenever there is a smartphone that is on its way to being released, you can more or less be sure that a benchmark of it will pop up – even more so should it be a highly popular device, or at least, its predecessor. Well, ZTE might not be in the same leagues as that of Apple or Samsung where smartphones are concerned, but this does not mean that they […]

Samsung SM-T585 Spotted In Benchmark
To see Samsung devices appear in benchmark tests is nothing new, in fact, it is more or less one of the ways where we snoop around to gather information on upcoming devices. Well, it seems that there is a new tablet that is set to be revealed by the South Korean conglomerate, with the Samsung SM-T585 being spotted over in a benchmark from GFXBench, and chances are it is the […]

Alleged Samsung Galaxy A5 Sequel Benchmark Spotted
Samsung is not a company that rests on their laurels, that is for sure, which is why it does not come across as any surprise at all to see that there is a possible new sequel to the Samsung Galaxy A5 (which just picked up the Lollipop update in June, mind you) in the form of a GFXBench benchmark test, which in turn, has also revealed its fair share of […]

Verizon-Bound Galaxy Note 5 Benchmarked
“There’s no smoke without fire”, or so the saying goes. Having said that, there has been quite a bit to go around where the upcoming Galaxy Note 5 is concerned, and to hear that the device has gone through a Geekbench test suite is definitely encouraging. After all, benchmark tests do happen to reveal more about a particular piece of hardware than a standard issue leaked photograph.


iPhone 6 Basemark X Suite Benchmarks Appear
Earlier this week, we did manage to spot the iPhone 6 on a Geekbench benchmark that showed off a dual core processor alongside 1GB RAM, but since the latest Apple smartphone has been released, with all of its bells and whistles officially specified, how does it perform in terms of its capability? What could very well be the first iPhone 6 benchmark results have surfaced, hailing from the GPU testing […]

Alleged Nexus 9 AnTuTu Benchmark Spotted
It seems that the upcoming Nexus X device that will be manufactured by the folks over at Motorola has seen a fair amount of rumors on it circulating recently, but what about the upcoming Nexus tablet? Not too much has been revealed about it, but a CPU-Z report that has something to do with a certain Nexus 8.9 has pointed to such an Antutu benchmark leak which might just pique […]

Samsung SM-G739F Specifications Spotted In Benchmark
Whenever we make mention of Samsung, chances are one would think of the numerous smartphones, tablets and phablets that the company has churned out over the years. Samsung has adopted a very wide user base, targeting various, if not all, levels of the market – including the likes of the entry level to the mid-range and of course, the high end market. In the phablet segment, there is their flagship […]

2 Samsung Smartphones Spotted On GFXBench
Samsung is well known for rolling out a wide range of smartphones that will cater for just about everyone regardless of their budget, starting from the entry level to the mid-range and going all the way to the flagship range. This time around, a pair of unreleased Samsung smartphones that go by the model numbers SM-G5308W and the SM-G8508S have appeared on GFXBench, where the SM-G5308W seems to be a […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Specs "Confirmed" (Again)
The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has gone through its fair share of rumors in the past, and since the device has yet to be announced officially, plenty of speculation remains as to what kind of hardware will it pack underneath the hood. Well, try not to fret too much, as we have come up with a primer on the Galaxy Note 3’s release date, specifications and news. A Gfxbench benchmark […]

Xiaomi MI-2 S Version Benchmarked
Well, well, what do we have here? It seems that there is a new S version of the recently talked about Xiaomi MI-2, where this particular smartphone has managed to cram in a Snapdragon 600 chipset instead of the S4 Pro chipset that is found in the regular version of the Xiaomi MI-2. While the quad-core Krait 300 processor has been clocked at 1.7GHz, Xiaomi’s numbers happen to beat the […]

2012 MacBook Pro Appears in Benchmarks
After an earlier report about Best Buy slashing its prices on all Mac models, various speculations were made about Apple’s allegedly upcoming MacBook Pro. Of course, while we are yet to receive any official word, nothing is yet to be confirmed. That said however, now some benchmark figures have been discovered and they appear to be for a device that could be the 2012 MacBook Pro. The spec that was […]

HTC One X blood brothers fight in a CPU benchmark showdown
The HTC One X is revered today as one of the most powerful smarphones to roam the planet. Quite true. But apparently there are two variants of the quad-core machine – one running Tegra 3 and the other a Snapdragron S4 SoC. The former Tegra 3-powered One X can be found in the hands of European users while the latter was launched in the North American region.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Benchmarks Allegedly Reported
In a day filled with rumors and leaks to do with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3, yet another one has landed. This time, the folks over at PhoneArena have gotten their hands on what is claimed to be the benchmark results of the alleged Samsung Galaxy S3. To clarify, there is a chance that it is not but it has been long rumored that the device will carry the same […]

NVIDIA Tegra 3 benchmarks shows off speed
Apple has their A5 processor that is pretty speedy and decent in what it does, but that does not mean the others in the industry are not going to up the ante and come up with something zippy as well. One of the first few competitive benchmarks of the NVIDIA Tegra 3 has already rolled out onto the Internet thanks to the presence of the Asus Transformer Prime (read our […]

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 benchmarked
The T-Mobile Galaxy S2 will go on sale October 12th, but before it can even reach consumers nationwide, somebody managed to get their hands a working unit and benchmarked the phone. And if you’re wondering why these benchmarks are interesting – it’s because unlike the AT&T and Sprint Galaxy S2, the T-Mobile variant does not sport the same Exynos processor as the its nearly identical brothers. So how does the […]

HTC Vigor to be the world's first 720p display phone?
It looks like Samsung isn’t the one with a high-resolution device in the works. HTC seems to have its own high-res phone up its sleeves as well, and an impressive one at that. The Taiwanese company is said to be releasing the world’s first phone that features a 720p resolution. Called the HTC Vigor, this top-of-the-line Android phone still remains unannounced, but recent benchmark scores and leaked specs tell us […]

Vellamo: Android Web Benchmark from Qualcomm
 Earlier today, I talked to Qualcomm’s Sy Choudhury (Director, Product Management)  about Vellamo, a benchmarck aimed at measuring several aspects of web browsing performance: page rendering, Javascript execution, user experience, networking. This project originated from Qualcomm’s desire to improve its own software. As one of the leading chip provider, Qualcomm does contribute quite of software in the Android eco-system, and Vellamo has started as an internal tool to quantify the performance […]

Motorola DROID 3 benchmarks spotted online
The Motorola DROID 3 is not available in its GSM iteration just yet, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t coming as Verizon Wireless is tipped to release the DROID 3 this coming July 7th, while we have also managed to spot several GLBenchmark 2.0 online results for the smartphone which might just whet your appetite to bring this puppy home. It must be said that with qHD resolution on the […]

LG Optimus 3D is most powerful smartphone in the world
AnandTech has decided to run some tests of their own in order to determine which smartphone is the most powerful in the world, and as you can clearly see in the horizontal bar graph above, the LG Optimus 3D leads the pack – and then some. Coming up tops in the SunSpider Javascript Benchmark 0.9 and the GLBenchmark 2.0 Egypt and PRO, it dropped to second in the Rightware BrowserMark […]

Android Benchmark: Tegra 2 Wins It All
Tegra 2 Benchmark - this page contains several Android benchmarks that compare the Tegra 2 powered LG Optimus 2X to other known Android phones.