How many of you guys remember the Magna Doodle toy back when you were a kid? For those who did not grow up playing with it, the Magna Doodle was basically a drawing board that allowed kids to draw on it using a stylus equipped with a magnet. Back in the day prior to smartphones and tablets, this was what many of us played with to pass the time. If this has evoked some fond memories for you, a Magna Doodle case for your iPhone is available, allowing you the same pleasures that you enjoyed back as a kid only in a miniaturized version.

Unfortunately most probably due to copyright issues, the creators of this case could not call it a Magna Doodle and has since named it “iFoolish”. It’s a little weird to be honest, but essentially it works as how a Magna Doodle should and comes with a mini stylus of its own and a slider at the bottom that helps to clear the slate when you want to make a new drawing. It looks pretty cool and could open up personalized designs for your iPhone’s case. If this sounds like a case you wouldn’t mind getting, head on over to iFoolish’s website where you will be able to order one for £19.99 (~$32).

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