It is without a doubt that the world of consumer electronics has churned out its fair share of gadgets, and most of these gizmos do come with some sort of touchscreen display while minimizing the use of buttons and knobs for a cleaner interface. In fact, touchscreen displays are all the rage at this point in time, so for those of us who use laptops that do not come with touchscreen capability, you might want to look into a potential upgrade like this Interactive Laptop Device which is capable of transforming laptops 16″ or smaller into pen-based touchscreens. In fact, it is said that Lenovo will be offering the Interactive Laptop Device in due time, although there has been no exact release date pinpointed just yet.


This %199 peripheral will hook up to your laptop via USB, offering a faux touchscreen experience, where the included stylus will allow you to sketch and manipulate the user interface on your notebook’s display as though it has touchscreen technology. No idea on how much of an impact this peripheral will have on your laptop’s battery life though, but if you are planning to use this for long periods of time, I would recommend a dedicated digitizer tablet (such as those from Wacom) instead.

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