All of you forever alones out there, here is a poster that will definitely appeal to you, although I do have issues with the potential lack of hygiene in a public area. A research group hailing from Keio University has managed to come up with an interactive poster which actually reacts when kissed. This is made possible through the clever inclusion of sensors that is capable of detecting just how near the user and the display is, and when you approach the sensor, the picture will change, the closer you get, the person in the poster will start to pout, and when you move away, he/she blushes – out of shyness, or in response to just being kissed, that remains to be seen. Check out some lip puckering action in the extended post.


According to the team, “The current system only produces visual changes, but we could also include the scent of shampoo from the person’s hair, or a lemon-flavored film on the lips, or a speaker that whispers “I love you.” People who’ve tried this system advised us to do those things, so we think there’s still plenty to be done. We’ve learned a lot from talking to users.” I would not want to share lip marks with thousands of people if this interactive poster were placed in a busy intersection for sure! Not too sure if this is an April Fool’s joke though, what do you think?

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