Earlier this year in January, Lenovo revealed the IdeaPad Yoga. The device was something of a hybrid between an notebook and a tablet and featured the ability to fold backwards, thus transforming the notebook into a tablet-like device. It is also expected to be powered by Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8 platform. So how much would such a device cost you? Well according to Lenovo, the IdeaPad Yoga is expected to retail for a whopping £1,200 (~$1,908), and that’s just the basic model with the Core i7 models going as high as £1,500 (~$2,382). Yikes!

However before you get too riled up, Lenovo has stated that these prices are merely a guide at the moment, and has been priced in such a way because the IdeaPad Yoga is “no ordinary tablet”. We’re not sure if the Lenovo will be revising these prices to a more “acceptable” level upon its release, but until its release which is expected to be in October, we guess these are prices we are looking at now. What do you guys think? Would you be willing to pay that much for a Windows 8 tablet/notebook hybrid?

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