Since the LG Optimus 2X was launched about a year back right up until yesterday, LG has been lying about one specification on the device. The purported lie took place in LG’s homeland, South Korea where the official specifications were jotted down and printed for all prospective buys to read and enjoy along with their spanking new devices fitted with a camera that came with a Xenon flash. Well apparently it wasn’t a Xenon flash, just a normal LED flash that comes with smartphones all the time nowadays.

Xenon flash units are typically found in standalone digital cameras and are much better to take pictures with but the reason why smartphone manufacturers don’t use the flash (bar the Nokia N8 and a few others) as part of their device is because they need more power, occupy more space, they’re more expensive and they can’t be used as lighting for video since it can only function for short periods of time before recharging.

LG has apologized for its ‘mistake’ and vowed that something like this will not happen again. Many users who have found out about this discrepancy have taken it upon themselves and requested refunds from LG claiming that they bought the product based on what had clearly been false advertising. Thus far, more than 400,000 units of the device have been sold in South Korea so far.

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