Nintendo, the venerable old man in the world of video games, has just taken another step closer to enhancing its arsenal of intellectual weaponry – by receiving a patent from the USPTO numbered 8,157,654 (which they filed all the way back in October 9 years ago), giving Nintendo the right of ownership to a method which emulates video game consoles that have integrated displays in addition to accompanying software on external computing devices. When translated to layman’s English, it might eventually lead to speculation that a potential video game service that runs games regardless of the console might just be in the pipeline, although it would very much remain a pipe dream at the moment. Regardless, Nintendo has at least more intellectual property ammunition under their wings, waiting to be unleashed at the right time so that their very own Phoenix Wright will be able to win them oodles of money without having to sell a single game or console should someone else trespass on their territory in the future.

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