Don’t you just hate it when you often need to solve a captcha whenever you want to log in to select websites? You know, those irritating slanted and jumbled group of letters and numbers, where sometimes, you cannot even tell whether it is the letter ‘o’ or the number ‘0’, or if the particular letter is in the uppercase or not. Captchas have been employed for some years already in order to verify that the person behind the computer is made out of flesh and bone, and is not an automated robot or program of any kind. Detroit-based tech company Are You A Human (interesting name) has come up with a different way of verifying the authenticity of a user – not through captchas, but rather, the idea of a simple game known as PlayThru.

PlayThru claims to prevent bots from spamming sites, as the game can only be completed by an actual human being. Definitely sounds far more fun in theory to “solve”, and if your less than informed boss walks by your desk to see you play the latest game, just tell him or her that you are solving a captcha replacement before you are able to start work.

To get a better idea on how PlayThru works, here is an example of just one of the games. You will be presented with your fair share of items, including a shoe, a football jersey, an olive and a piece of bacon, where all of them will float right beside a pizza. Should you drag the right ingredients over the pizza, then you would have “won”, and so far, I do not think that anyone would like a topping of shoes on their pizza.

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