The coffee break is a daily routine for anybody who works in an office. And the problem pops up when you just have don’t have the time in between meetings and keeping up with schedules to take a few minutes at the coffee machine, pick your brew and wait for it to fill up. Now, Zipwhip seems to have found a viable solution, the Textspresso machine which as you already guessed, works off text messages. So if you want a coffee, you text the machine.


The machine will prepare your drink and keep it warm until you come and collect it. From you can see in the video, it looks more like a decapitated cyborg but rest assured, it is a work in progress and all the cosmetic necessities will be taken care off. The company is working on an enhancement for the machine which will allow it to print the phone number of the person who ordered the coffee to avoid mix-ups. The time it took the Seattle based cloud Texting Company to finish this project, 20 days and over 300 parts. They might want to get it patented quickly.

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