Collecting baseball cards is a hobby that is loved by millions of American (and Japanese, I presume) children, and there is always the starry eyed wonder of opening up a spanking new pack of baseball cards, keeping your fingers crossed that the rare card inserted into that particular packet at the factory would be the super rare one which all your friends have been lusting over, and yet failed to nab. Topps decided to do things the virtual way, with the Topps Bunt iOS app that allows you to collect virtual baseball cards, in addition to trading them with others.

Similar to the original printed cards, these virtual cards will come with an action image as well as the vital statistics of the player. Granted, since the card itself is digital, why not include a short video of the player’s greatest career moment instead of just relying on a still image? Too bad there is no feeling quite like that of physical baseball cards, and since there is no way to grade it or argue over whether it is Near Mint or in Mint condition, Topps has taken the fun out of that, too.

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