Ally Seeley has come up with what she calls the Touch Glove, a device which I do not mind wearing around simply because it makes me look way cool. Well, the Touch Glove is not meant to be a fashion accessory that you wear to rave parties, but rather, this eTextile design concept intends to address a particularly rare condition that affects some folks around the world who have started to lose their tactile feeling. To be able to feel is something that many of us take for granted, and to lose the ability to feel what we touch is definitely not something to wish upon anbody. With the Touch Glove, this particular smart glove will offer a visual feedback of the surfaces that the Touch Glove has touched. But how does that work? This is exactly what we will read about after the jump.


There is a textile pressure sensor that has been integrated in the index finger, where it is capable of detecting the level of softness or hardness as well as structure of the surface. These minute differences in pressure picked up by the sensor will then be translated into different light patterns which show up on the LEDs that have been embedded at the wrist of the glove. While it will not magically regenerate the destroyed nerves in someone in order to make he or she feel again, to have a visual cue is better than nothing.

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