For those of us who live in areas that are covered with snow for most days of the year, it makes perfect sense to own a snowmobile so that you are able to get around easily and quickly as the asphalt is covered with way too much snow for your truck to wade through. Well, sometimes, you might just want to ferry your family around in the snow, and a snowmobile just will not do. What are some of the other recourse that you can take? Enter the Track N Go by snowmobile manufacturer AD Boivin, where they have come up with a first-of-its kind wheel-driven track system that can be installed on just about any vehicle in order to help you navigate through the deepest snow and ice without missing a beat. Additional details are said to be in the works, so hopefully we will hear more from AD Boivin in due time. I do admit that there is always the danger of driving across thin ice without realizing it, so perhaps it would pay to be observant about your surroundings before you bring everyone else out in an enhanced truck.

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