We’re sure that many smartphone users have turned to messaging apps like Whatsapp to send free messages to their friends on Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone, but how do carriers feel about that? From a logical standpoint it might appear that the introduction of messaging apps like Whatsapp, ChatOn, BBM, etc will cut down on SMS’s being sent ultimately eating into the revenue of carriers, but Whatsapp’s co-founder doesn’t seem to think so, going as far as saying that they are not a threat.

Brian Acton in an interview given to Reuters stated that by introducing Whatsapp to the masses, they are in fact helping smartphone users move to data packages that in long run could prove profitable to carriers. We’re not sure if that statement will prove to be true as there have been reports and research done by some that reveal declines in SMS sent, and with one technology research consultancy, Ovum, calculated that in February network operators lost a whopping $13.9 billion in SMS revenue back in 2011. Of course this isn’t 100% attributed to Whatsapp, but it could be an indication of what’s to come. So readers, have you switched 100% to Whatsapp now, or do you still prefer sending SMS?

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