Audi does have its fair share of cool looking rides in the past, and here we are with an AMOLED video rear view system that will see action in the Audi R18 rides for this year’s race. Of course, a digital rear-view mirror is not the newest piece of vehicle tech in the world at this point in time, but it is the first time a digital system like this sees action in a closed LMP sports prototype. After all, racing of any kind is a sight-response game, where around 95% of what a racer needs to know will arrive at the brain through the eyes.

Of course, there is additional feeling from the front end through the steering/bars/controls, while integrated sensors will be able to sense the pitch, roll and yaw. However, the eyes take top position when it comes to getting that “feeling”. The digital rear-view solution from Audi comprises of an AMOLED display and a lightweight, compact camera which will reside right behind the antennas on the roof.

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