Comcast has just announced this morning that they will make available their latest set-top box known as X1 in Boston in the coming weekends, not to mention having a game plan so that the rest of the country will be able to enjoy all that the X1 offers before the year is over. Not only that, Comcast is also working on a new mobile app that will be able to control the X1 set-top box straight from the iPhone or iPad itself. The X1 has taken years to develop, where Comcast hopes that it will be a new generation of set-top box that connects to the cloud, “transferring” the “intelligence” of the set-top box to the cloud instead. Basically, this move will allow the cable provider to offer new services which updating new features without the need to rewrite applications, as well as roll out new firmware that could cause untold issues, as all the changes are made on the back end, and users will always run on the latest version of software that Comcast has made available. The X1 will see all processing performed in the network itself, allowing Comcast to test and create new apps for customers in a jiffy without worrying about whether the customer’s set-top box is outdated or not. Are you on cable TV at the moment?

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