Given the demand to go-green nowadays, electric vehicles have been very much on the rise. As for Brammo, it originally announced its Empulse line of electric motorcycles back in July 2010 and now after 2 years it has told the world how much the bikes will cost and when they will be available for purchase.

The Empulse range of bikes are said to run at a maximum of 100mph and have a range of 100 miles on a charge. Moreover, the 9.3 kilowatt battery will take just three and a half hours to recharge. It will also come with a six-speed gearbox along with regenerative braking and reportedly will be similar to a normal motorcycle despite its limited top speed.

In a conversation with the folks over at TechCrunch, Brammo’s Brian Wismann, who is the director of product development said that he hadn’t had to change his riding style at all even when entering or exiting corners at speed thanks to upgraded parts such as the brakes and suspension. As an added tit-bit, he rides a BMW S1000RR. With all that said and done, the baseline model which is called the Empulse will be priced at $16,995 and is apparently equipped with many Italian components which are allegedly found on Ducati’s 848 StreetFighter.

The higher-end model, Empulse R is said to cost $18,995 and will apparently feature additions such as carbon fiber front and rear fenders, headlight shroud, tank and tail. A limited number of the Empulse R will roll off the line in June and based on the demand it receives, it could hit full production in Q3 2012. As for the baseline Empulse, it apparently will not be ready until the first quarter of next year. For more information regarding the electric motorcycles, click here to visit Brammo’s website.

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