We did talk about the FXI Cotton Candy back in November last year, and here we are with the Norwegian company FXI sharing more about their pride and joy. Basically, the Cotton Candy is a ground-breaking computer that comes in the form factor of a USB stick, and FXI has every intention to start making good on the pre-orders, shipping out the FXI Cotton Candy later this month. These units are delayed as they were due for a release in March this year, but FXI has taken the past one month plus to not sit idly there, but rather, perform its fair share of important tweaks so that the Cotton Candy will now feature a micro USB port as well as sport a more durable plastic case for the device.


Not only that, FXI has ensured that their engineers will be able to deliver Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich right out of the box for the Cotton Candy. Nice to see a deliciously named computer running on a dessert as its operating system, it is making me all hungry for a late night snack. No more additional pre-orders will be taken since the current response has been overwhelming, making it challenging for FXI to fulfill the received orders. Those living in Norway and surrounding countries will be the first to receive the Cotton Candy, while others living elsewhere will have to wait until summer is in full swing.

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