There is just something about cockroaches that unnerve me – I don’t know if it is because of their ability to survive a nuclear fallout, or the fact that they are super creepy – especially when they fly around. Here is something that will induce a minor heart attack of those who have a fear of cockroaches – the Gokiraji robotic cockroach. Trust Technology Japan are the ones behind the Gokiraji, where it comes with a simple remote control to help you make sure your most recent prank can be executed to perfection. This compact controller allows you to steer this robotic insect in four directions, but I wonder how you would feel if someone chivalrous in the group gathers the courage to stomp on this $20 toy or swat it with a roll of paper – who is going to pay for the “damages” then? At least there is no gooey mess for you to clean up after with some of the larger sized roaches. Not only that, this is one roach that even the most potent can of aerosol cannot kill.

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