Gran Turismo 5 for the PlayStation 3 has to be one of the more graphically impressive racing games we’ve come across to date, so we have to wonder if Gran Turismo 6 will be even more impressive. We do know that Gran Turismo 6 is currently in the works, but when exactly will we be seeing the game? While a release date has yet to be revealed, it seems that an announcement for the upcoming game could be made soon. This was discovered on a resume for a product marketing manager at SCEA (via NeoGAF) which reads:

“Managing the following titles and franchises at Sony Computer Entertainment America as product manager, handling strategic planning, day-to-day marketing activities, and lifecycle management: Gran Turismo 6 and GT franchise, The Last Guardian, MotorStorm, Journey, Carnival Island, other titles yet to be announced.”

The resume has since been updated and any mention of Gran Turismo 6 has been removed, leaving some to speculate that the game is indeed due for an announcement soon. Either way with E3 coming up in a couple of weeks, we wouldn’t be surprised if the game is announced then, so be sure to check back with us during the E3 week for the details!

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